Social Media Marketing & Facebook Ads

Creating a brand for your business is a great way to not only build a community of customers that enjoy your service or product but its also an efficient way to generate repeat customers. The best way you can do this today, is with social media marketing. With social media you can make your service or product known not only offline but online as well. Facebook ads is a great tool to target and get in touch with your ideal customer. Pairing Facebook ads with a powerful brand is a great way to grow your business and stand out online. A lot of companies don’t have the time or the knowledge to effectively create a brand and maximize the effectiveness of social media. At Digital Client Marketing, we can create

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s advertising platform has some of the most accurate demographic and interest targeting for finding new customers. By using Facebook you have the ability to put your product or service in front of thousands of your ideal customers. We make sure people who need your product or service see your business as a solution to those needs. Facebook is one of the best paid outreach advertising methods right now and is surprisingly effective in converting cold audiences.

Facebook Retargeting

What is Facebook retargeting? Retargeting is when a potential customer visits your website and then leaves. After they leave you have the ability to follow up with that same potential customer with a video/post with relevant information or even a special offer that will get them to want to come back to your website. This makes your marketing campaigns have even more of an impact because this allows you to have an effective follow up system to potential clients who have already shown interest in your business. A lot of businesses use social media but very few of them use social media to the full potential.



We will work with you to take the time to understand who your ideal customer is so we can reach your ideal target audience on Facebook. Understanding your ideal customer is essential to having successful Facebook ad campaigns.

Ad Design

We will create graphics for your Facebook ads that entice the customer and get you results. We can either work with your graphic designer team or use our in-house graphic team.


By understanding your brand’s personality and goals, we will create engaging and effective ad copy with call-to-actions.

Geo-Located Campaigns

Using Facebooks detailed ad targeting we are able to effectively target your ideal customers based on their location. With local marketing ads, we can target and build awareness for anyone around your business and provide them with incentives to visit your location.