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We know one thing for sure at Digital Client Marketing and thats that – online marketing works!


Our team has a passion for digital marketing and providing excellent results for our clients. We’ve trained for years so we can guide our clients in which actions to take so they can get a good return on their marketing dollars. We use a variety of methods to generate results for our clients. We create a custom marketing plan for all of our clients based on their current situation, goals and industry.


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Meet The Owners


Giovanni Kisesa

Giovanni Kisesa, is a Co-Founder and leads content management for social media. He excels in marketing strategies and has an excellent entrepreneurial vision. Giovanni specializes in successfully incorporating marketing strategies into current business models.

Content Management

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith, is a Co-Founder as well as the company’s IT specialist. He always seeks to provide a patient first experience. Josh brings to the table a vast amount of social media and search engine optimization experience.

SEO Expert